Carol Hofmann and Murray MacKay – Parents of Durham West Junior Lightning goalie, Tera Hofmann – (Yale University, class of ’20)

TeraHofmann-Durham-YaleWe are so grateful to Mandy.  She spotted Tera at a minor Pee Wee Single A tryout (a kid with no idea what goalie skates were but with a zest to compete) and saw her potential.  Tera made the team and never looked back.  Since then, Tera has trained rigorously with Mandy and now she is a Division I prospect.  We love so many things about Mandy’s coaching approach.  She has an excellent rapport with the girls, she works them hard (but supportively), and she tailors their skills development.  We especially love Mandy’s nuanced technical support.  She always helps Tera to fine-tune her skills, and this comes through in Tera’s game.

*Tera is now also an M-Power Hockey instructor!



John Howald – Father of Laura

Laura Howald-b&w

This letter of praise and recommendation for the excellent development you have provided my daughter Laura is is genuine and very sincere. Your skill as an instructor and mentor extends far beyond the on-ice training and has positively influenced Laura’s growth as a goalie and as a young adult.

On the ice, I have watched as you continuously challenge and assess Laura in each stage of activities – you offer enthusiasm and fun to reinforce learning and constructively correct and share tips that have helped Laura improve her game as a goalie – not just in areas of stopping the puck, but also in understanding how to challenge the opposition entering her zone. Equally, Laura’s repertoire has expanded to include playing the puck outside her crease and improving her communication with her teammates. All of this have improved her play and her confidence.

A goalie’s key tool is their confidence – your ability to connect with Laura as an individual has helped her with any challenge she faces. Your talent is very unique and appreciated. This is best exemplified on two occasions when Laura’s confidence was at a low. Without going into details, it is fair to say that there was little I could offer as her Dad – other than let you know about it. Without letting on, you found ways that connected with Laura helping her to become a stronger goalie and person. This mentorship and encouragement has made noticeable improvements in Laura’s preparation for games, tournaments, and even finding a balance that includes scholastic success. A welcome surprise.

We have only known you for just over a year, Mandy, but you have taught Laura (and me) so much about the importance of a strong, self-assured and positive attitude. Not artificial or naïve – but realistic and relatable. This has helped grow Laura’s confidence in all aspects. It is your approach that leads to my understanding of your company name, M-Power. You teach the skills and the mechanics while also sharing your passion for the game and life. This has empowered Laura to challenge herself and grow as a player, teammate, and person. (Proof: If it wasn’t for Hockey Canada rules, Laura’s coach told us he wanted to make Laura the captain of her team this year.)

I am sure most recommendations focus on the on-ice skills of goaltending for stopping the puck, skating, shot-recovery, positioning – likewise, I speak with great belief that Laura has grown in all of these areas. But I also am seeing Laura learn and grow her skills in so many other areas of her life, not just with hockey. Laura is more comfortable with herself; sharing her hockey knowledge and personal experience with her own teammates and coaches on the ice or off – just like her wonderful mentor, you, Mandy.

Thank you so much for your continued support as we look forward to continuing to attend and support M- Power Hockey!


Jim DeNaut – goalie and player dad

Two of my kids, Courtney (’99 goalie) and Jack (’97 player) did several private camp warm-ups in late August to get ready for the upcoming 2011 season. The kids spent four days with Mandy and Britney working hard several hours a day both on and off ice.  The experience was tremendous for both of them!  Mandy and Britney worked with the kids together and individually to improve their skills, techniques and conditioning.  The coaches took great care to connect with the kids and work on very specific aspects of their game in order develop skills and improve their performance.  So far this season, the hard work has paid off as both kids are doing well on their respective teams.  I would highly recommend this type of program to improve your kids skill development, conditioning and confidence.

John Wray – Amanda’s Dad

Amanda really enjoyed her lesson. She commented on how (Mandy Cronin) particularly payed attention to detail. The best she has had to date!

Lisa Leyes – Darcy’s Mom

Darcy is learning a lot and I am truly grateful for the pointed instruction you give to her. Darcy’s team practice tonight was a joy to watch. Darcy was focussed and, as a by-product of the mental preparation she did, (because of YOUR coaching skills) she had a lot of fun. Confidence was the gift that you gave to our daughter. Thank you very much.

Peter Morgulis – Director of Competitive Hockey for GTA organization

(After watching M-Power Hockey’s Friday night goalie clinics for the Oshawa Lady Generals):
If you haven’t had a chance to.. watch your goalie get her instruction from Mandy, try to make the time; you do not want to pass up this opportunity. I stayed for all four sessions. I learned something new at each session. Not only did I learn about goal tending (stance, position, crease movement, etc…) but I also learned new skating drills, ways to protect the puck, and more importantly, teaching and instruction techniques.

Every goalie said they learned a lot and were very appreciative of the special clinic. They did not want to leave the ice! They came off the ice red faced, exhausted and totally excited for next weeks clinic. I am going to invite my assistant coaches to come join me for the next few sessions so we are all on the same page and reinforce the goal tending skills the same way.

Mary-Beth – Goalie
(In reference to an M-Power Hockey Goalie Clinic):

It was the BEST. I learned so much in 1 hour. (Mandy) was an excellent instructor, very helpful. If there are any available spots in the coming weeks… I would be willing to be on stand-by it was so AWESOME. I am so pumped to play now! I can’t say thanks enough!

Roger Lelievre – Coach

Mandy’s experience and knowledge (along with her dedication and commitment), have helped improve both Kayleigh and Amanda’s skill levels. The time and effort Mandy put in resulted in many opposing coaches stating I had, “extremely strong goaltending”.

Mandy worked around the strengths and weaknesses of each goalie based on their technique and styles (even though they were very different). She gave the goalies the instruction and individual drills needed to improve and move toward the “next level”. Both goalies have now moved to the top levels of girls hockey. 

Mandy, being a top female player herself has an added advantage in dealing with female goalies. She simply understands the girls. She pushes them to achieve in a manner that most male coaches do not. By no means would this limit her in dealing with male goalies as well!

Our experience with Mandy and M-Power Hockey has been terrific. I would happily recommend her to any hockey program. I look forward to gaining her services again next season.

Gus Stewart – Amanda’s Dad (6+ year student of Mandy Cronin’s)

My daughter Amanda has been playing hockey for only 8 seasons and Mandy has been her mentor for a good part of them. In the last few years with more instruction time and a willingness to work on what Mandy has taught her, the results have been amazing. In this past season, my daughter Amanda had a very respectable 1.99 goals against average at the Intermediate level along with almost a 93% save average during the regular season.

If I had to sum it up Mandy’s approach to working with goalies is very unique. Having been to many goalie camps in the last 8 years, Mandy’s approach is definitely results oriented. Also having been a goalie myself, I can appreciate the approach she has taken and know the current improvement is definitely related to working with Mandy.
Having quick feet as a goalie is the same as being a good skater as a forward. Without this skill you can never go to the next level. Mandy emphasized this in her instruction along with positioning and good technique to make a goalie have the tools to make their game better. To Mandy, the ability to move around in the net is paramount to becoming a better goalie.

What she taught my daughter as well was the ability to do the drills and technique on her own. Drills and exercises you can do yourself over and over to make you that better goalie. This was the first instructor I’ve seen that teaches you so you can work on it yourself without the need of a shooter all the time. Of course stopping the puck and handling shots is a big part of the game and Mandy spends a lot of time on those as well but young goalies learn there is more to it than having someone just shoot pucks at them.

What impressed me the most about Mandy was her rapport with the girls she instructed at sessions I attended. I saw a lot of patience and attentiveness to really helping them to become better players. There is a passion in Mandy that this is what she loves to do and you could see the girls picking up on this and responding. My daughter was one of them.

Jake Wilson – Goaltender

“After working with Mandy, I can see I’m getting better and I’m really going to work hard from now on in practice.”

Dean Wilson – Jake’s Dad

Jake realizes his improvement as a result of Mandy’s lessons and wants to work as hard as he can in his practices to get even better. In the past he has not had the best practice routine. Even the coaches have seen a tremendous improvement in Jake’s desire to put more effort and get better.

Cynthia Wilson – Jake’s Mom

Jake was inspired by Mandy’s instruction to work hard. During goalie camp she made learning fun. Jake learned things that he had never been taught before. During Jake’s first game after goalie camp his improvements in net were noticed by all. Thanks Mandy!

Rachel Collins – Laim’s Mom

Mandy Cronin’s enthusiasm and love for the sport of hockey was evident from start to finish during my son’s hockey clinic (over the 2008 Christmas break). Not only is she great with the kids, she uses innovative techniques to get them skating and playing better while having fun. My son loved it!!

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